HGV/LGV Vacancies

EV Cargo Logistics, Alfreton

Contractors can continue operating LTD Company past 4th April. Long shifts available. Regular ongoing work Monday to Sunday. 24/7 operation with 24/7 ADR Network support. Straight trunking, clean, easy work. On site canteen

EV Cargo Logistics Asda, Daventry

We welcome contractors operating their own Ltd Company who wish to engage with us!

B&M Retail (Liverpool)


B&M Retail Bedford C+E

No minimum LGV C+E driving experience required to apply for this fantastic Class 1 driving opportunity.

EV Cargo Logistics, Penrith

Regular work with a reputable Transport company providing the opportunity for 5 or 6 shifts per week at a competitive pay rate. The job is all trunking work with a mixture of fridge and curtain side trailers.

Co-op, Avonmouth, C+E

Very busy site with a variety of start times. Minimum 8 hours pay guaranteed. Opportunity to go permanent if desired.

Morrisons, Burton Latimer C+E

Regular shift pattern, ongoing contract. Desirable, clean work, very little load interaction.

We find the best drivers.
We supply them, best fit, best time.
We deliver for you.

A Lead Vendor Service for LGV Driver supply

ADR Network delivers a highly dependable temporary driving solution backed by a team of industry specialists and a robust on-line cost management and driver management solution.

Cost Control

We provide our clients with a flexible cost benefit solution which delivers savings during quieter seasonal periods and ensures the attraction of drivers during peak times.

Using our well established on-line timesheet and cost management system, we only charge for the hours that are used against your agreed hourly charge rate. One consolidated invoice for all ADR Network drivers and 2nd tier approved suppliers is sent to finance teams, backed by a full on-line invoice data report.

Order Fulfilment and Legal Compliance

Our team at ADR Network are volume placement specialists who understand the legal complexities around LGV driver supply. Whilst legal compliance comes first, our ability to roll our driver plan across an established network of offices means that we can supply an unrivalled level of service to clients with varying demands throughout the UK. In addition we have developed a reputable panel of approved agencies that are committed to supporting our contracts around the country.

Driver Management

At ADR Network we have created a traceable communication link with our drivers using a unique web portal. All our drivers have a messaging service which delivers booking confirmations, assignment sheets, specific health and safety information and a regular reminder of regulations and considerations.

Driver Training

Our clients and drivers can enjoy the benefit of our sister company, LGV Network, which specialises in HGV training at all levels.  This provdes both a stream of new drivers in the market and a facility to run site based warehouse-to-wheels programmes.


Our service

Interested in finding more about our service?

Email: hello@adrnetwork.co.uk and provide us with your name and telephone details and one of our senior team will contact you.


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