DHL Debenhams, Peterborough, C+E

Rate: £13.00 - £ 16.00 per hour
Branch: 49
Type: C+E

We are pleased to confirm that we are now recruiting for our client DHL Debenhams in Peterborough.

We are recruiting now. We have fixed rota positions that we can slot you straight onto. This guarantees 5 shifts per week with the option to do a 6th shift at your leisure.

Standard ad-hoc work is also available to those that prefer to pick and choose their shifts. So part time and full time drivers are very welcome. The work is highly desirable with good, clean kit and a friendly working environment.

Our team will treat you as professionals and will provide you with the shifts that you need.

Please contact our team on 01733 797374 for further information and immediate opportunities.

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ID: 432 / 888140

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