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How to Become an HGV Driver

10-02-2020 16:51

If you are considering entering the profession, you need to be well informed about the demands of the job.

Before becoming an official HGV Driver, employees must prove that they are over 18 years old, have a full car driving license, and have a Certificate of Professional Competence. Many companies also require that potential drivers go through a training course or apprenticeship. While these are only a handful of requirements, they are necessary to maintain the safety of both HGV Drivers and other motorists.

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The logistics and supply chain industry in 2020

06-01-2020 16:51

What will the future of HGV driving look like over the next 12 months? 

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RHA demands consideration for haulage industry

06-11-2019 16:38

The RHA has spoken out regarding the upcoming election, stating that if MPs want the support of truckers and other members of the logistics industry, haulage should be at the heart of pledges for transport within their manifestos.

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The best and worst areas of the UK for truck drivers

06-10-2019 16:01

A new study has revealed the best places in Great Britain for truck drivers. The results are in and...

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New HGV laws will give regulators 'teeth' and 'improve safety'

06-09-2019 14:27

New rules governing the roadworthiness of HGVs will give Manx transport authorities "teeth" to tackle "unscrupulous" operators, a haulage firm boss has said.

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In-cab cameras could help prevent distracted drivers

06-08-2019 14:12

A survey was carried out by Commercial Motor among HGV businesses, their survey questioned haulage firms on what some of their biggest issues are for their drivers during shifts. Overall, over 34% of firms (1/3), expressed concerns that their drivers getting distracted while on the road is a big problem and one of their largest worries.

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The best and worst areas of the UK for truck drivers

06-07-2019 16:04

A new study has revealed the best places in Great Britain for truck drivers. The results are in and...

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DVLA says no to Doctors on Wheels medicals

06-06-2019 14:06

The RHA is urging members not to use Doctors on Wheels for D4 Medical Reports and fully supports the DVLA action. The RHA has received a number of complaints into claims that D4 medicals were not being completed properly and fit-to-drive notices were being incorrectly submitted.

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A driverless delivery lorry is being used alongside normal traffic on public roads in Sweden.

06-05-2019 14:04

The large lorry, called a T-Pod, weighs 26 tonnes fully laden and will move goods between buildings on an industrial estate.

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Direct vision standards in London

06-04-2019 13:55

Transport for London has announced the final stage of its recent plans for safer lorries in London following wide public support for the proposals. Following the final statutory consultation on the direct vision standard (see below) TfL is expected to issue a traffic regulation order making it mandatory for lorries used in London to have a a one star direct vision grading as of October 2020, this will rise to three stars in october 2024. Vehicles that do not meet the one star rating in 2020 will have to be fitted with 'safe system measures' that include cameras and sensor warning systems.

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Meet our ADR Network drivers

21-03-2019 15:10

Ventislav joined ADR Network in April 2016 at our Corby Branch and provides driving services as a contractor.  He has been a Class 1 diver since July 2011.

He likes working as a contractor and operating his own business as it allows him to earn more money and be fully flexible with his work commitments.

We asked him...

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DVSA issues guidance on use of older tyres

21-01-2019 11:00

The Driver and Vehicle Services Agency (DVSA) have issued a new guide on the use of tyres which are over 10 years old.

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How to prepare your HGV lorry for Winter

13-11-2018 15:32

It's easy to forget that it can be really dangerous driving in the winter. By using our tips, you can make sure you or your fleet's drivers reach their destination safely. 

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10 reasons you should consider a career as an HGV driver

24-10-2018 09:52

Are you considering becoming an HGV driver? Just not sure whether it’s the right career for you? With HGV Express you can be trained in just a week. Let us inform you of why it’s such a great career with these 10 benefits of HGV driving:

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70% of HGV drivers recorded by Microlise telematics in 2017

03-09-2018 10:07

According to data from the Department for Transport and Office for National Statistics, 301,600 HGV drivers were employed in 2017. 

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How to stay cool in your HGV lorry in the summer months

24-07-2018 14:00

Follow these tips to stay cool in your HGV lorry throughout the summer months.

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Tyre-related deaths and injuries and preventable say Highways England and Bridgestone

09-07-2018 12:00

Almost ¾ of motorway incidents that are related to tyre failure could be prevented if drivers carry out simple checks, according to startling new research unveiled by High Ways England and tyre company Bridgestone.

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Crumbling roads cost tax payer millions

27-06-2018 12:00

Pothole related repairs cost motorists and insurers one million a month according to the AA, a fact that comes as no surprise to the Road Haulage Association.

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One in six drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel - survey finds

13-06-2018 12:00

One in six drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel, according to a new smart witness survey.

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More women are getting their HGV licence

31-05-2018 12:00

You may think that the typical HGV driver is a man, but in reality, the haulage industry is crying out for more drivers, of whatever gender – so why are there so few women behind the wheel of an HGV?

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Paragon expands on the back of strong growth

15-05-2018 13:00

Paragon Software Systems has increased its team by almost 10% to handle significant demand for its range of routing and scheduling, home delivery and electronic proof of delivery software.

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Truck platooning team to speak at Microlise Transport Conference

30-04-2018 13:00

The leader of the world’s first platooning trials is to take the stage on May 16th at the Microlise Transport Conference giving an update on the findings so far.

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FUSO eCanter takes to the roads

30-03-2018 09:00

Daimler trucks, the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has handed over the world’s first all-electric light-duty (7.5 tonne) truck in series production, the FUSO eCanter, to UK customers.

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Coolertech to exhibit innovative solutions at CV Show

26-03-2018 09:30

At this year’s CV Show, specialist bodybuilder, Coolertech Ltd, will be exhibiting some of its innovative and highly engineered vehicle solutions. 

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Maple set to launch new features to Integritas security range

20-03-2018 17:00

Commercial vehicle safety and security specialists, Maple, is launching a host of new features as part of its Integritas security range, that will be exclusively demonstrated for the first time at the forthcoming Commercial Vehicle Show.

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Members of FTA emissions scheme lead the fleet on clean air

16-03-2018 15:55

Members of the Freight Transport Association's Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS) have continued to cut vehicle emissions ad fuel costs, according to the latest data released today. 

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Right hand drive Range T High offer now extended

20-02-2018 09:45

Exceptionally strong demand and customer orders for the right-hand drive Range T High in the UK and Ireland has prompted Renault Trucks to expand its offer for the new vehicle with an extended range of options now available.

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RHA supports DVSA on driver's hours

13-02-2018 09:43

The Road Haulage Association supports the DVSA’s action on drivers’ hours compliance but is concerned about the lack of legal rest areas for drivers to park.

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Driving while suffering from flu raises risk of road collisions

30-01-2018 11:40

With the number of flu cases rising, drivers and being reminded to think of road safety. 

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Simplicity is key for new Safety Permit Scheme for Trucks

22-01-2018 09:38

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed the broader approach to improving safety on the capital's roads beyond the Direct Vision Standard, following the launch by the Mayor of London, of a consultation on a new safety permit scheme for HGVs.

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RHA issues advice on keeping safe during high winds

15-01-2018 09:35

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has issued advice to haulage operators on how to keep safe while driving in high winds. 

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HGV taxes pay for most of UK spending on road maintenance – says FTA

12-12-2017 11:50

New independent research conducted by the Freight Transport Association (FTA), the largest membership association in the freight and logistics sector, was released on 15th November showing that HGVs pay enough tax alone to cover almost the whole of UK spending on road maintenance.

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What HGV license do I need?

08-12-2017 11:00

Getting established into a career is never easy. As a young person looking to start your career, have you ever considered HGV driving as a choice? Becoming a professional driver opens doors of opportunity that will enable you to earn an excellent living while building yourself a stable future for you and your family. 


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HSE reviews approach to trucker’s toilets – RHA relieved

10-11-2017 16:01

The Road Haulage Association has expressed its relief at news that the Health and Safety Executive has reviewed its approach concerning access to facilities for visiting delivery drivers and has re-examined the Workplace regulations 1992.

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FTA renews call for London Freight Commissioner

31-10-2017 14:48

Every year, more than 130 million tonnes of freight are moved in and out of London by road alone. 3% of the capital’s workforce, equating to around 230,000 people, is employed by the logistics sector. Thousands of businesses depend on the successful movement of goods in and out of the city every day. 

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Commercial fleet using 3G vehicle cameras to defend against claims

26-10-2017 09:41

The proposals which are due to be introduced to all HGV operators across the capital from 2020, could be a massive step forward in terms of road safety. 3G vehicle cameras are increasingly becoming popular with road users, in order to challenge fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability. 

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We want a cleaner London - but not at any price, says RHA

26-10-2017 00:00

The Road Haulage Association is warning that the London economy risks being damaged by the new Toxin Tax and the planned Ultra Low Emission Zone being imposed by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

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Winter Vehicle Safety

05-10-2017 09:54

The winter months are fast approaching, meaning the roads are going to be slippery, and possibly even covered in snow. Driving becomes a huge hazard during this season for lorry drivers. At most occasions, HGVs cannot avoid driving in conditions like this, so following the safety precautions is advised. Read our tips to make sure your vehicle safety is in top condition this winter.

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UK firms challenged to cut freight emissions

05-10-2017 09:52

In the UK, lorries are causing a third of transport CO2 emissions. With simple new technologies, we can massively help reduce these harmful pollutants, improving our air quality. 

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Women in the logistics industry

05-10-2017 08:38

Nearly 1.5 million people work in transport and logistics in the UK. However, women globally fill less than 20% of executive level positions within this industry. 

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FTA supports truck platooning

16-09-2017 13:24

Platooning works by linking a series of trucks travelling along a motorway through the latest driving systems, operators can move large quantities of goods at consistent speeds, lowering fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

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Paragon launches fleXipod dashboard

02-09-2017 13:17

This latest development will enable logistics operations to access key reports at-a-glance to support trend analysis and the performance management of delivery teams.


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Finalists getting ready to compete for title of FTA Driver of the Year 2017

16-08-2017 13:09

hosted at Mercedes-Benz’ Wentworth Park facility, where winners and Young Drivers of the Year in three vehicle classes will be named. 

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Logistics needs time and funding to succeed post-Brexit – says FTA

02-08-2017 12:40

to ensure that Brexit negotiations do not come to an abrupt stop, said the Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTAI), as this could be catastrophic for Irish business.

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What is a CPC and Who Needs It?

18-07-2017 08:19

The CPC is the Certificate of Professional competence; The CPC is a set of standards set by the European Union to ensure that all drivers are competent and proficient. You may need to renew your CPC, find out more in this article. 

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HGV regulations and restrictions costing logistics sector millions

26-06-2017 10:17

HGV regulations and restrictions are costing logistics operations tens of millions of pounds every year, so transport planners need to find clever ways to adapt to evolving legislation

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Lower Thames Crossing- New crossing beneath River Thames

12-06-2017 09:45

A preferred route has been selected for the new crossing of the River Thames. Location C is to be the new crossing east of Gravesend and Tilbury. This new crossing is set to improve journey time, reliability & economic benefits. 

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Convoy in the Park 2017

12-05-2017 09:40

On the weekend of July 22-23, tens of thousands of truck drivers, race fans and enthusiasts will descend on Donington Park for the inaugural Convoy in the Park extravaganza.


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RHA calls for enforcement of 45-hour weekly rest rules

05-04-2017 15:04

The Road Haulage Association has written to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Lord Ahmed to voice its disappointment that the urgent issue of weekly rest rules has been further delayed while additional stakeholder views are sought.

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FTA’s five-point plan to Keep Britain Trading

27-03-2017 09:41

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has drawn up five priorities for customs and border arrangements to keep Britain trading post Brexit.

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RHA launches its Daily Defect App

20-03-2017 15:08

Developed by RHA business Partners, TruTac, the RHA Daily Defect App goes a long way to making an HGV driver’s daily checks much, much easier.

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Brexit, Road Haulage and Freight Transport – What it could mean?

14-03-2017 09:58

Brexit could seriously damage Britain’s food supplies because customs problems could cripple supply chains. The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is warning that unless the Government negotiates the right customs controls during forthcoming Brexit talks then the UK’s sensitive food supply could be seriously damaged. The current rationing of vegetables has highlighted the danger and the problems with supplies of lettuce could be just the tip of a dangerous iceberg on the horizon.

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The CV Show 2017

06-03-2017 13:31

The UK’s biggest and best event for the road transport, distribution and logistics industries, the Commercial Vehicle Show, is now open for registration via their official website at It is taking place at the Birmingham NEC on April 25th till the 27th and will provide truck and van operators with a far greater choice than any other exhibition currently serving this industry.

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HGV Driver safety tips for Great British weather

16-01-2017 13:58

It seems appropriate now with the worsening weather that we should look to the official advice of the freight transport association for how best to stay safe when working in these conditions.

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Track your health on the road.

10-12-2016 11:14

Undoubtedly, one of the hardest things about the life of a trucker are the potential health implications the sedentary lifestyle can have. Read our tips to stay healthy on the road. 

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The New Trailerlock

10-11-2016 11:02

New lock to guard against intruders breaking into vehicles.

Security and safety are some of the most important aspects of being on the road, particularly if travelling internationally. A recent product release is set to add some additional safety, securing trailers and LCV rear doors.

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ADR News Roundup

22-09-2016 10:00

Here is your HGV driver news for September. As always, please feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think.

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The Volvo Iron Knight, is it the fastest truck in the world?

23-08-2016 09:54

Volvo are attempting to break the world speed record with their latest creation: ‘The Iron knight’. Volvo have created this truck entirely with speed in mind. We have taken a close look into some of the main features of this truck!

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Our top picks for HGV drivers based in Scotland

18-08-2016 15:56

Are you looking for your latest HGV driver job or opportunity? We have so many fantastic job offerings at ADR network, with the added benefit, no middle man. We are an agency dedicated to HGV and LGV driver recruitment. If you apply for a job on our site, your application comes straight to us, no faffing about with recruiters and pesky recruitment sites. 

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12-07-2016 09:43

Here is your HGV driver news for June. As always, please feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think.

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ADR Network driver helps stop huge fire at Morrisons Bakery in Wakefield

05-07-2016 13:04

On Sunday this weekend just past there was a major fire at the Wakefield site of Morrisons supermarket bakery.

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31-05-2016 16:32

Whether you are an experienced HGV driver who likes to keep up to date on what is happening or you are a new starter who wants to learn a bit more about the issues currently facing the industry, we have you covered.

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The HGV Driver Shortage

25-05-2016 09:13

The haulage industry is facing tough times ahead with the continuing shortage in HGV drivers throughout the country. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) estimates that there is a HGV driver shortage of 45,000 in the UK. If this is not addressed soon then the shortage is very likely to grow and begin to effect the UK economy.

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More women are starting their careers as HGV drivers!

09-05-2016 15:48

When most people think about lorry drivers they think; large bearded man living off of Yorkie bars and truck-stop burgers. But that’s no longer the case, these days anybody can now drive a lorry and the number of women in the industry is growing rapidly.

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HGV Driving Hours – staying safe and legal

25-04-2016 14:25

Do you know the exact ins and outs when it comes to the limits on driving hours in the UK and EU? Find out more here...

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HGV road safety in built-up areas

13-04-2016 07:58

In response to the challenge to reduce..

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Driverless HGVs Take To The UK Roads

30-03-2016 14:09

The UK has taken the very bold step and taken an international lead in the development of driverless HGVs.

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Crack down on mobile phone usage

25-03-2016 14:49

In 2015 it was announced that the Department for Transport (DfT) was looking into increasing the fine and penalty points for HGV Drivers caught using a mobile phone whilst driving, find out more...

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The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has called for ‘better enforcement’

18-02-2016 13:16

The FTA has outlined proposals to increase the cost of a Fixed Penalty Notice if...

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Safety is always important

28-01-2016 10:08

The DVSA has set itself some new targets for 2016...

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Lottery Raffle!

13-01-2016 13:40

We are delighted to confirm that Stefan Kazakov has won...

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Christmas Jumper Day!

05-01-2016 09:17

ADR Network has joined in Christmas Jumper Day!

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Woman in the Transport Sector

30-11-2015 13:05

How do woman feel about the industry?

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National Lorry Week a 'Success'

12-11-2015 11:51

The RHA has explained that the first ever National Lorry Week (26-31 October) was an 'outstanding success'. The organisation has now released plans to organise a larger scale event in 2016.

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National Lorry Week!

28-10-2015 11:35

This week is National Lorry Week where lots of industry based companies..

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FTA welcomes new dual signing for low bridges

08-10-2015 09:32

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed Department for Transport (DfT) proposals to bring in a bridge marking system that will identify both imperial and metric height, width and length limits.

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Good news for the industry..

29-09-2015 07:31

There was a 3.5% drop in the number of fatal accidents on the UK's roads involving heavy goods vehicles in 2014, figures show.

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FTA encouraging students to Think Logistics..

08-09-2015 10:23

The Freight Transport Association is working to encourage young people to consider opportunities in the logistics industry..

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A ban on "unsafe lorries" in London, introduced as part of efforts to protect cyclists, has come into force.

02-09-2015 12:29

A ban on "unsafe lorries" in London, introduced as part of efforts to protect cyclists, has come into force.

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New HGV techology for road safety

18-08-2015 09:26

A new project funded by Transport for London (TfL) will independently test blind spot safety technology

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Trucks and Bikes joining forces for road safety..

04-08-2015 08:41

A new scheme has been created to help the safety of our roads...

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Advice on staying healthy on the road...

23-07-2015 14:30

Life is tough on the road, and staying healthy is one of the biggest challenges for any HGV driver. One of the best places to start is your diet..

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New HGV braking system developments could be the future to safer roads..

16-07-2015 09:27

Interesting article that explains how development of HGV braking systems could save lives every year and make driving safer...

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How big is the UK driver shortage?

09-07-2015 14:30

Facing an unprecedented shortage of lorry drivers, the UK haulage industry has this week asked the government for support..

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Avoiding bridge strikes

19-05-2015 12:10

Bridge strikes are avoidable if suitable planning and care are used.  

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Fantastic new business win

20-03-2015 11:47

ADR Network are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the driver agency supply for DHL servicing the M&S account.  The locations awarded are in Bradford, Long Eaton, Swindon, Peterborough and Cumbernauld.  We are looking forward to expanding our long-term successful partnership with DHL in this contract.

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Summer madness for drivers

20-03-2015 11:38

We are once again going in to Summer with a UK driver shortage.  As always, we are leading the charge with our continued expansion in to driver training and the introduction of newly qualified drivers.  A recent article in Recruitment International describes the structural issues 

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Be aware of your responsibilities

04-03-2015 11:55

Recent changes to drug testing and proposed changes to mobile phone use penalties that you should be aware of.

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Driver CPC not to blame for driver shortage

26-11-2014 10:23

A recent article in The Mail On-Line in which the FTA claims that 20,00 drivers have retired early or left the industry because of Driver CPC has been dismissed by our MD, Andrew Waldron, as unhelpful and misleading.


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Will economic recovery mean a shortage of LGV drivers?

20-09-2013 13:00

Andrew Waldron - ADR Network

Andrew Waldron featured in the August edition of Commercial Motor:

"There has been a fair amount of discussion within the industry about driver shortages, with the landmark Skills for Logistics report (CM 17 May 2012) perhaps the most detailed investigation into the problem. However..."

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ADR Network – half year results

04-09-2013 11:03

ADR Network’s half year results show an increase in turnover of 48% versus the same period last year. A number of key contracts wins in...

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Viral Sales Growth- No Sales Training Required

31-07-2013 10:35

Andrew Waldron featured in the June edition of Recruitment International.

"One might expect that the business has a dedicated salesforce or at the very least a sales culture supported by a bedrock of sales targets and demanding personal new business objectives ADR Network has none of these things"

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LGV Driver Resourcing Specialist, PPF Plc. Announces Substantial Lift in Turnover to £89 million

26-03-2013 13:37

PPF Plc., which trades as ADR Network, has announced a substantial lift in turnover. The turnover for 2012 was £89m, an increase of 38% on last year.

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National Agency Driver Survey Results 2012

10-12-2012 09:35

National Agency Driver Survey Results 2012

This independent survey was commissioned by ADR Network, the UK’s largest specialist provider of LGV drivers. It is believed to be the largest survey that has ever been conducted within the agency driver...

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ADR Network Preliminary Results Show Continued Growth

14-02-2012 10:10

ADR Network has recently announced preliminary results that show turnover for 2011 has increased to...

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ADR Network to Offer Permanent Contracts to Drivers Based on a 37.5 Hour Week

04-10-2011 14:36

In a decisive move the agency driver specialist ADR Network has announced that it is to offer fulltime permanent contracts to its drivers based on a guaranteed...

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