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Lorry Driver Jobs

At ADR Network we are able to offer a wide selection of lorry driver work to suit any preferences you may have. We have an extensive client base across the UK. These include many of the major retailers to whom we supply drivers directly, and a number of the key logistics companies (3PLs). Through both of these routes we operate a number of different types of food retail delivery, including deliveries straight to the store and from direct to regional distribution centres. In addition we manage a number of local and national contracts including such things as fashion, DIY, kitchens and white goods. As a result of our size we are able to offer all types of work throughout the year.

With more than 17 years’ experience in the lorry driving agency business, ADR Network has established itself as the number one provider of HGV agency drivers in the UK. Our UK network of branches is unrivalled and focuses on the key logistics hubs up and down the country. We are on the preferred supplier list of all the major 3PLs and retailers alike. Our growth has come from operational excellence, not sales. We have no sales team and our branches are tasked with retaining our drivers to meet our clients’ needs.

We see ourselves as an integral part of our customers’ driver supply solution. We work very much in collaboration with our clients’ depots, putting us in a strong position to plan our drivers out and meet as many of your work preferences as the client requirements allow. We are not a typical spot hire agency, picking up odd shifts for absence and holiday cover. We manage some of the biggest sites in the UK where agency requirement can exceed 500 shifts per week at any one depot.

We are committed to being as flexible as possible towards our lorry drivers. We understand that many of you wish to provide driving services in different ways. We can cater for a number of requirements, including drivers who wish to operate their own limited company on a business-to-business basis. If you prefer to be employed, we currently employ over 500 lorry drivers directly, offering a contract that can give you the stability of guaranteed hours whilst allowing you to manage your own flexibility.