May 2016


31-05-2016 16:32 by Site Admin

Whether you are an experienced HGV driver who likes to keep up to date on what is happening or you are a new starter who wants to learn a bit more about the issues currently facing the industry, we have you covered.

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The HGV Driver Shortage

25-05-2016 09:13 by Site Admin

The haulage industry is facing tough times ahead with the continuing shortage in HGV drivers throughout the country. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) estimates that there is a HGV driver shortage of 45,000 in the UK. If this is not addressed soon then the shortage is very likely to grow and begin to effect the UK economy.

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More women are starting their careers as HGV drivers!

09-05-2016 15:48 by Site Admin

When most people think about lorry drivers they think; large bearded man living off of Yorkie bars and truck-stop burgers. But that’s no longer the case, these days anybody can now drive a lorry and the number of women in the industry is growing rapidly.

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