August 2016

The Volvo Iron Knight, is it the fastest truck in the world?

23-08-2016 09:54 by Site Admin

Volvo are attempting to break the world speed record with their latest creation: ‘The Iron knight’. Volvo have created this truck entirely with speed in mind. We have taken a close look into some of the main features of this truck!

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Our top picks for HGV drivers based in Scotland

18-08-2016 15:56 by Site Admin

Are you looking for your latest HGV driver job or opportunity? We have so many fantastic job offerings at ADR network, with the added benefit, no middle man. We are an agency dedicated to HGV and LGV driver recruitment. If you apply for a job on our site, your application comes straight to us, no faffing about with recruiters and pesky recruitment sites. 

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