October 2017

FTA renews call for London Freight Commissioner

31-10-2017 14:48 by Site Admin

Every year, more than 130 million tonnes of freight are moved in and out of London by road alone. 3% of the capital’s workforce, equating to around 230,000 people, is employed by the logistics sector. Thousands of businesses depend on the successful movement of goods in and out of the city every day. 

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Commercial fleet using 3G vehicle cameras to defend against claims

26-10-2017 09:41 by Site Admin

The proposals which are due to be introduced to all HGV operators across the capital from 2020, could be a massive step forward in terms of road safety. 3G vehicle cameras are increasingly becoming popular with road users, in order to challenge fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability. 

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We want a cleaner London - but not at any price, says RHA

26-10-2017 00:00 by Site Admin

The Road Haulage Association is warning that the London economy risks being damaged by the new Toxin Tax and the planned Ultra Low Emission Zone being imposed by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

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Winter Vehicle Safety

05-10-2017 09:54 by Site Admin

The winter months are fast approaching, meaning the roads are going to be slippery, and possibly even covered in snow. Driving becomes a huge hazard during this season for lorry drivers. At most occasions, HGVs cannot avoid driving in conditions like this, so following the safety precautions is advised. Read our tips to make sure your vehicle safety is in top condition this winter.

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UK firms challenged to cut freight emissions

05-10-2017 09:52 by Site Admin

In the UK, lorries are causing a third of transport CO2 emissions. With simple new technologies, we can massively help reduce these harmful pollutants, improving our air quality. 

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Women in the logistics industry

05-10-2017 08:38 by Site Admin

Nearly 1.5 million people work in transport and logistics in the UK. However, women globally fill less than 20% of executive level positions within this industry. 

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