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ADR Network has recently announced preliminary results that show turnover for 2011 has increased to £65 million which is some 13% up on 2010. Full figures are not available at this time but operating margins look to be broadly in line with the previous year despite increased overhead costs incurred to facilitate the ambitious growth plans of the business.

ADR Network currently has some 26 operating sites across the UK and provides work for some 2,000 drivers per week.

Following its early move to offer full time contracts to drivers it now directly employs some 802 drivers.

Commenting on the results ADR Network MD Andrew Waldron said:

“This is a highly credible performance in what continues to be a challenging market. Whether we have the 10% market share we have targeted is open to a little debate given some uncertainty on the size of the market itself however, with turnover up from £31.45 million in 2008 to £65 million today we are certainly moving in the right direction.”

When asked to explain why he believed the business has continued to show strong growth he said:

“The business has always had a very strong ethic of being supportive to both the needs of drivers and customers. This resulted in a decisive move to provide substantive full time contracts to drivers. I also think that our working culture is genuinely unique. We do not have a sales team and our Recruitment and Operations Consultants are not set any ‘sales targets’. This means that our focus is almost entirely operational which has a knock on effect on service levels.”