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The proposals which are due to be introduced to all HGV operators across the capital from 2020, could be a massive step forward in terms of road safety. 3G vehicle cameras are increasingly becoming popular with road users, in order to challenge fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability.

Devices such as an ‘IT1000’ and ‘IT2000’ are the leading single and dual camera solutions for vehicles. Using the most sophisticated 3G and 4G technology, they capture HD footage of any collision or accident whilst driving, and the footage is transmitted within moments of the incident.

“Our cameras are capturing thousands of driving incidents every week, many of which are being used by our customers to determine liability within moments of them happening,” explains Sam Footer, the Director of intelligent Telematics. “Commercial vehicles can often be penalised unfairly when liability is disputed following a collision, or are simply victims of false allegations, so 3G cameras are the only way of having immediate access to video evidence and supporting data.”

Road users using these cameras not only feel safer in their cars, but have trust in the company knowing that any accidents caught on camera will instantly be sent to a secure server network with no user intervention required.