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The RHA’s new Daily Defect App can keep you compliant!

The majority of today’s haulage operators and their drivers now rely on their smartphones to keep in touch. But it’s not just about talking – the RHA’s new Daily Defect App can keep you compliant.

Developed by RHA business Partners, TruTac, the RHA Daily Defect App goes a long way to making an HGV driver’s daily checks much, much easier.

Maintaining an accurate compliance record is crucial to the safety of an operator’s O Licence. The RHA’s new Daily Defect APP is the digital answer to essential, mandatory daily walk-around checks and includes basic vehicle roadworthiness checks such as brakes, tyres, lights and indicators, load and coupling security.

Any issues that are picked up can be sent directly to the traffic office, minimising downtime and enabling quicker vehicle repairs – this means that vehicles can get back on the road without delay. It also means transport managers have full visibility of their fleet operation; they can see how long drivers are spending on vehicle inspections – cutting corners is not an option.

It creates a full and complete audit trail as daily checks will be time-stamped and also speeds up the decision-making process. In addition the new, paperless, system takes the headache out of physically completing defect forms and gives the driver and transport manager instant feedback about whether the vehicle is fit to drive.

Any HGV driver using an iPhone or Android device is a potential RHA Daily Defect App user. Another advantage is that it works hand-in-hand with RHA Analysis, the RHA’s own tachoanalysis solution.

When inspections or workshop repairs are requested, forms relating to the vehicle can be quickly and easily compiled. And also this means that there’s a full and complete audit trail as daily checks will be time stamped.

The RHA Daily Defect App gives drivers and transport managers an end-to-end solution and makes reporting easier. The RHA Daily Defect App is a welcome addition to the Association’s ever expanding portfolio of products, specifically designed for road transport operators and their drivers. And the advantage is it works with RHA Analysis, their state-of-the-art tachograph analysis software.

To access the RHA Daily Defect App go to the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Priced at £35 for RHA members and at £45 for non-members (per user/driver per annum), it’s probably the one app you cannot afford to be without.