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In the UK the bridge strike rate was around 1600 in 2014/15 throughout the UK, FTA feels it is vital that signage can be easily read by drivers who have to negotiate low bridges and narrow spaces. Perhaps this may have been an issue for you in the passed?

The Department for Transport has carried out its most conclusive review of traffic signs since they were first used in 1964. But it appears now, its time for change. The DfT explain that a lack of understanding of imperial measurements has been implicated in incidents of bridges struck by over height vehicles.  As a result they have submitted submission requests to change this and to stop more incidents occurring.

The highways agency has traditional had two signs for the different type of measurements, now the organisation is looking to amalgamate them into one sign to help road users including HGV drivers.

Vehicles with an overall travelling height over three metres must have a notice in the cab which indicates the height in feet and inches or in imperial and metric. Does yours have this, because it should!

Malcolm Bingham, FTA’s Head of Road Network Policy, explained that: “While the new rules have still to be finalised, it is proposed that highway authorities will be allowed to replace the current signs as they become life expired.  FTA has urged the DfT to encourage early take-up of the new option.”

As a HGV driver do you feel this is a sensible move?