HGV taxes pay for most of UK spending on road maintenance – says FTA

12-12-2017 11:50

New independent research conducted by the Freight Transport Association (FTA), the largest membership association in the freight and logistics sector, was released on 15th November showing that HGVs pay enough tax alone to cover almost the whole of UK spending on road maintenance.

The report has shown that not only do lorries more than pay for all the wear and wear effect they have on the roads, but in fact they pay 94% of the UKs total spending on road maintenance.

The report finds that heavy goods vehicles pay three times more in tax than the estimated cost of damage to infrastructure.

Between 2015 and 2016, central and devolved governments and local authorities spent around £4.7 billion on road maintenance. HGV taxes (vehicle excise duty, road user levy and fuel duty) raised in the same period £4.4 billion. The cost estimate for infrastructure damage imposed by HGVs totalled only £1.6 billion. The total tax take from motor vehicles was £33.5billion – more than seven times as high as the road maintenance budget.

FTA’s Head of National and Regional Policy, Christopher Snelling commented: “This report supports FTA’s central points for this budget – road freight taxes are too high and vital infrastructure spending is too low.”

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