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To become an HGV Driver, you should possess a few essential skills…


DRIVING ABILITIES: All HGV Drivers must have extensive knowledge about road safety and be able to practice safe driving effectively.

SELF MOTIVATION: Because of the extensive driving and loneliness of the job, the profession requires drivers who are self-motivated and willing to work without a boss looking over their shoulder.

PATIENCE: Since other drivers on the road are not always patient with HGV Drivers, it is crucial for the HGV Driver to exercise patience with other vehicles to ensure everyone’s safety.

CONCENTRATION: During adverse weather and heavy traffic, HGV Drivers need to be able to focus and concentrate on the road to avoid accidents.

PAPERWORK: When not driving, drivers are responsible for logging information about trip details and deliveries.


There’s no doubt that the profession of HGV driving is hugely underrated. HGV Driving is not only lucrative, but it is also a lot of responsibility. There are many opportunities for HGV Drivers to climb the career ladder.

Additional training allows HGV Drivers to obtain an Advisory Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) Certificate, meaning that drivers could move hazardous materials and drive a tanker.

Experience also allows drivers to move to higher paying positions, such as a Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) instructor, freight transport planner, or even a manager for an HGV company.

ADR Network is the UK’s largest agency supplier of professional HGV drivers. Working with some of the biggest nationwide retailers and distributors, our teams provide drivers with regular work opportunities. You are treated as a professional at ADR Network with full support to help you do your work safetely and effectively.

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