How to stay cool in your HGV lorry in the summer months

24-07-2018 14:00

1) Wear lighter clothing (but ask for permission first!) – Wearing lighter clothes such as T-Shirts and shorts will help you to stay cool throughout your journey, just make sure your management agree beforehand.

2) Use your air conditioning – If you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning in your lorry, don’t forget to use it!

3) Wear a hat – Wearing a hat will keep the sun rays away from your head as well as block sun light from your vision. This not only keeps you cool, but you will also be able to concentrate on the road better due to the sun being blocked from your vision.

4) Have a mini fridge – Having cold water is extremely important in hot weather, especially while on long journeys. Keeping a mini fridge in your lorry will keep it nice and cold, rather than warming up from the heat in your vehicle.

5) Wear sunglasses – Much like hats, wearing sunglasses helps block sunrays which make your feel hotter, as well as helping with your sight while driving.

6) Use sun lotion – Although you will be inside your vehicle most of the day, you could very easily catch sunburn while unloading your trailer.

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