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A preferred route has been selected for the new crossing of the River Thames. Location C is to be the new crossing east of Gravesend and Tilbury. This new crossing is set to improve journey time, reliability & economic benefits.

Key facts

  • New Thames crossing east of Gravesend & Tilbury.
  • The new crossing will be a bored tunnel, minimising impact to the local community and environment.
  • New crossing will create 70% additional capacity across the Thames, east of London.
  • A new road north of the river would run from a new junction on the M25 between junctions 29 and 30 and connect to the tunnel via the A13. Around 55 million journeys are made each year on the Dartford Crossing, six million more than it was designed for.
  • Anticipated completion date is 10 years from now.

“The decision to proceed with the third crossing over the Thames is long overdue,” said Natalie Chapman, FTA’s head of policy for London and the South East.

“Congestion at the Dartford Crossing is predicted to reach pre-Dart Charge levels by 2020, while the Blackwall Tunnel has become a cause of impossible delays.”

The public consultation was held from 26th Jan – 24TH March 2016 which took into consideration the proposal introducing the idea of connecting a new route from the A2/M2 south of the river to the M25 north of the river, crossing the Thames via tunnel just east of Gravesend and Tilbury.

There were three possible route options north of the river and two south of the river. More than 47,000 people took part in the consultation, the largest public consultation for a UK road project.

After the extensive investigation period and the record breaking turnout for public consultation, the Secretary of State for Transport announced the preferred route for the Lower Thames Crossing:

  • A bored tunnel crossing under the River Thames east of Gravesend and Tilbury (Location C)
  • A new road north of the river which will join the M25 between junctions 29 and 30 (Route 3)
  • A new road south of the river which will join the A2 east of Gravesend (the Western Southern Link)