Meet our ADR Network drivers

21-03-2019 15:10

Ventislav Shalamanov from Corby

We asked him...

What is it that you enjoy about working with ADR Network?

‘ADR Network are serious about work. As an approved supplier they offer my company a large number of assignments. I am treated like a human and not just as a number. They have got to know me and got to know what shifts my company likes to accept’.

‘I have recommended other drivers to work for ADR as I never have any issues when it comes to invoicing and charging out the correct number of hours’

‘I have built up a very good relationship with Raluca and Matt in the branch and they communicate with me really well’

What is the best advice you can offer other HGV drivers?

‘To always take time on the jobs and be careful’

What are your hobbies whilst you aren’t at work?

‘I am currently building a house back in my home country, Bulgaria. The work and money I earn here is allowing me to do this’

What Client do you enjoy working at the most? And why?

‘Morrison’s, I find this the easiest work for me. It is a nice, clean and easy job. They are good people to work for. I like that they are all the same trucks which makes it easier to familiarise with’

Have you always wanted to be a HGV Driver?

‘I always dreamt of driving large trucks since I was a child. So now, I get paid well to do my dream job’

How do you deal with the stress of traffic on the roads?

‘I do not let traffic get to me as there is nothing I can do about it. The company knows things like this can happen’

How do you keep yourself refreshed and motivated on long shifts?

‘I prepare myself for my work by making sure I get a good amount of sleep beforehand. I keep myself happy when I am driving and listen to the radio’

How do you communicate with the Corby branch?

‘As a supplier I try to plan ahead by about a month and let the branch know my expected availability. It is fantastic having the ability to take periods of the year off as and when I require it’

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