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A new study has revealed the best places in Great Britain for truck drivers. The results are in and…

The East and West Midlands are ranked first and second, based on average HGV driver pay, number of jobs, employment density and the cost of living.

According to the government, the Midlands, which stretches from Shropshire to Lincolnshire, with the M1, M6 and most of the UK railway network running through it, is a ‘powerful engine for economic growth’.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show there are more than 183,000 large goods vehicle driving jobs in the UK – growing at a rate of 3.6 percent per year. Basing yourself in the Midlands is a way of capitalising on this growth.

Truck drivers can expect to earn an average £29,313 per year, but the figure is higher in both the East and West Midlands. Predictably, London attracts the highest wages, with an average of £31,110.

But far from boasting streets paved from gold, London isn’t the promised land for for budding HGV drivers. A shortage of jobs and a high cost of living makes the capital a place to avoid.

While the East Midlands is one of the least populated parts of Britain, the region is known for its manufacturing. Around 140,000 HGV journeys are completed per day, with firms taking advantage of the excellent road network.

The M1 connects Northampton in the south of the region to Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and Mansfield in the north, as well as providing a direct link to London and onward to ports on the south and east coasts.

The research was conducted by financial website Nimblefins. It found that London, the South East and South West are the worst places to be a truck driver.