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Security and safety are some of the most important aspects of being on the road, particularly if travelling internationally. A recent product release is set to add some additional safety, securing trailers and LCV rear doors.

The latest device to be launched onto the market is the brand new ‘Trailerlock’, this new lock system protects rear doors from being broken into when the vehicle is moving or stationary.

  • Only the driver or operator can open the doors.
  • Simple operation – quick locking and release.
  • Total security for unattended vehicles.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • High strength and tamper-proof.

This new device is a patented protection system for cargo compartments of cans and semi trailers. Trailerlock- comprises of a case, anchoring bolt, secret nut and a wrench, plus a back up wrench anchors the handle of the locking mechanism to the frame of the trailer.

The Trailerlock is suitable for any vehicle that is carrying valuable goods or is likely to be left unattended for long periods of time. The product does not require additional modifications to the rear doors of semi trailers, this ensures the product can be deployed without further installation costs.

Manufactured from solid steel, the lock can be fitted without any further work if there are pre existing holes in the trailer rear frame. The lock is particularly beneficial in this case as there are no extra fitting costs.

For further information visit trailerlock.uk.com

Trailerlock are offering a free trial at present if you would like to try this new technology yourself, this offer is only available while stocks last.