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The winter months are fast approaching, meaning the roads are going to be slippery, and possibly even covered in snow. Driving becomes a huge hazard during this season for lorry drivers. At most occasions, HGVs cannot avoid driving in conditions like this, so following the safety precautions is advised. Read our tips to make sure your vehicle safety is in top condition this winter.

Fueltek.co.uk say that it’s essential that lorries are running smoothly before making a journey. Having the fleet serviced before winter should be your first step. Doing a check up on the vehicle means you can be sure that the vehicles lights are functioning properly, the batteries are fully charged, the tyres are in ideal condition, and there’s at least one spare tyre, all fluids are topped up and the breaks are working well.

When the roads are icy, you should be allowing yourself plenty of time for your journey. You should lower your speed and keep a good distance from any other vehicles around you. The advised stopping distance for slippery roads is around 10 times more than the average stopping speed.

Listen to the weather forecast way before setting off on your journey. It is also a good idea to regularly check radio alerts for any dangerous change in the weather. Take extra care at junctions and roundabouts as road markings may be obscured by snow.

You should always keep the following in your vehicle:

  1. Ice Scraper
  2. De-Icer
  3. Torch
  4. Warm clothing
  5. Blanket
  6. Shovel
  7. Food and drink
  8. High visibility jacket
  9. First aid kit