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If you are searching for Royal Mail HGV jobs online you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss the criteria to become an HGV driver, and how you can get Royal Mail HGV Jobs through ADR Network (one of the largest driver recruitment agencies in the UK), and the enticing benefits of working with this industry giant.

About Royal Mail

Royal Mail, the UK Postal giant, is a well-established and esteemed postal service and courier company. With a rich history and a strong presence in the United Kingdom, Royal Mail plays a crucial role in connecting people and businesses across the nation.

Known for its reliable and efficient delivery services, Royal Mail has earned the trust of millions with its commitment to delivering mail, parcels, and packages with utmost care and precision.

As the UK’s leading postal service, Royal Mail continues to uphold its legacy while embracing technological advancements to meet the evolving needs of the digital age.

If you’re an experienced HGV driver looking for exciting opportunities, Royal Mail is a fantastic avenue to explore. Being a large national postal service and courier company, Royal Mail relies on a fleet of skilled HGV drivers to ensure efficient and timely deliveries across the country.

Joining ADR Network And Unlocking New Driving Career With Royal Mail HGV Jobs

ADR Network is a key supplier of lorry drivers to Royal Mail – the UK’s designated Universal Postal Service Provider. By joining ADR Network, you gain access to a vast network of routes, enabling you to embark on new career horizons while enjoying the stability and reputation associated with this renowned organisation.

Why choose Royal Mail HGV jobs

Why Choose Royal Mail HGV Jobs?

Royal Mail’s driving jobs come with numerous benefits that make them highly sought after. Firstly, Royal Mail provides a large number of differing start times, 7 days per week.  We can therefore cater for differing needs whether you are looking for part-time or full-time hours.

The company’s commitment to growth and innovation ensures a secure and future-proof career choice.

Additionally, Royal Mail’s investment in technology and driver training programs enables workers to enhance their skills, keeping up with industry standards and ensuring professional development throughout their tenure.

How To Become A Royal Mail HGV Driver

Becoming a Royal Mail HGV driver is an exciting career prospect, and ADR Network can serve as your gateway to achieving this goal. By signing up with ADR Network, you gain access to a vast network of driving jobs, including opportunities with Royal Mail.

Here we will guide you through the process of becoming a Royal Mail HGV driver through ADR Network—a reputable driver recruitment agency that supplies a significant number of lorry drivers to Royal Mail across different locations and offers various driving roles.

So, what are the criteria to become a lorry driver?

The Criteria To Become A Lorry Driver In The UK

Before pursuing a career as an HGV driver, it is essential to meet specific criteria set by the UK government and the Department for Transport.

Here are the key requirements:

a. Age:

You must be at least 18 years old to drive an HGV in the UK, and 21 years old for certain categories of vehicles.

b. Driving Licence:

A valid and full UK driving licence is essential. Additionally, you must obtain a separate HGV licence by passing the appropriate driving tests.

c. Medical Fitness:

A medical examination is required to ensure you meet the necessary health standards for professional driving.

d. Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC):

The CPC qualification is mandatory and involves completing both theory and practical assessments.

e. Obtaining a Tacho Card

Note that a tacho card is mandatory for lorry drivers operating commercial vehicles in the UK. When you have successfully completed the HGV training and verification of eligibility, the DVSA will issue the tacho card, which is linked to the driver’s digital tachograph system.

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Get a Royal Mail HGV jobs at ADR Network

How To Get A Royal Mail HGV Job at ADR Network

To secure an HGV job with Royal Mail, consider signing up with ADR Network as this can significantly enhance your chances. ADR Network is one of the largest driver recruitment agencies in the UK, specialising in supplying skilled lorry drivers to various industries, including being a key supplier for Royal Mail.

Here are some tips on how to get an HGV job with Royal Mail through ADR Network:

a. Research and Apply:

Start by researching the HGV driving work at ADR Network. Visit the website or contact them directly to express your interest and submit your application. (you can register here.)

b. Qualifications and Experience:

Ensure you have the necessary HGV qualifications, such as a valid licence, CPC certification, and relevant driving experience. ADR Network typically seeks experienced and qualified drivers to meet Royal Mail’s requirements.

However, newly qualified HGV drivers are welcome to make enquiries as we may have other driving positions for you.

c. Assessment and Screening:

If your application is successful, ADR Network will conduct a thorough assessment and screening process, including driver checks, background verification, and finally, a driving assessment with one or more of our clients.

d. Placement with Royal Mail:

Upon successfully passing the assessment, ADR Network will match your skills and experience with suitable driving jobs at Royal Mail. If selected, ADR Network will place you on assignments as an HGV Driver at the Royal Mail.

What Is the Average Salary for a Royal Mail Driver?

On average, a Royal Mail lorry driver can expect to earn a competitive salary that reflects the essential role they play in ensuring the smooth operation of the company’s logistics and delivery services.

The salary range for lorry drivers at Royal Mail typically falls within the following parameters:

Starting Salary:
For entry-level or newly qualified lorry drivers, the average starting salary at Royal Mail ranges from £20,000 to £25,000 per year. This introductory level of remuneration offers a solid foundation for those beginning their journey in the industry.

Experienced Lorry Drivers:
As lorry drivers gain experience and demonstrate their skills, their earning potential increases. Experienced Royal Mail lorry drivers can expect to earn an average salary ranging from £38,000 to £44,000 annually (working 40 hours per week with hourly rates from £18.48 to £21.17). This higher salary bracket acknowledges their expertise, reliability, and dedication to the job.

It’s worth noting that additional factors, such as overtime opportunities, bonuses, and benefits, can impact a lorry driver’s overall income. Royal Mail often provides various incentives and rewards for exceptional performance and commitment.

Various driving jobs at Royal Mail

What Are the Driving Roles Available at Royal Mail?

Now you know that Royal Mail is a great company to work for and the average salary for a Royal Mail driver, let’s see what the latest driving opportunities are available at Royal Mail.

1. HGV Drivers (Class 1, Class 2 and 7.5t Drivers)

Royal Mail relies heavily on HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) drivers to transport mail, parcels, and packages efficiently across the country. Class 1 and Class 2 HGV drivers are essential for long-haul deliveries, trunking operations, and local distribution.

Class 1 drivers handle larger loads and long-distance journeys, while Class 2 and 7.5t drivers focus on local deliveries using smaller vehicles. These roles require a valid HGV license, CPC qualification, and a proven track record of safe driving.

2. Delivery Van Drivers

Delivery van drivers play a crucial role in the last-mile delivery process, ensuring that mail and parcels reach their final destinations promptly.

These drivers are responsible for operating smaller vehicles, typically vans, to deliver items within specific routes or postal codes.

Delivery van drivers require a valid driver’s license, good knowledge of local areas, and excellent customer service skills.

3. Collection and Delivery Drivers

Collection and delivery drivers are responsible for collecting mail and parcels from various Royal Mail offices, sorting centres, or customers’ locations and ensuring their prompt and accurate delivery.

These drivers may operate vans or other suitable vehicles, depending on the volume and nature of the collections and deliveries.

This role often involves interacting directly with customers and requires attention to detail, organisation skills, and excellent time management.

4. Relief or Cover Drivers

Relief or cover drivers provide support and flexibility by filling in for other drivers during absences, holidays, or peak periods.

They may be assigned to different driving roles, including HGV, van, or collection and delivery driving, depending on the operational needs of Royal Mail.

Relief drivers must be adaptable, quick learners, and able to maintain a high level of performance across various driving tasks.

5. Shunting Drivers

Shunting drivers primarily operate within Royal Mail’s sorting centres or depots, ensuring the efficient movement and positioning of vehicles.

These drivers are responsible for manoeuvring trailers, loading docks, and parking areas to facilitate smooth operations.

Shunting drivers require precision driving skills, knowledge of yard management, and the ability to work effectively within a fast-paced logistics environment.

The Latest Royal Mail HGV Jobs at ADR Network

ADR Network collaborates with Royal Mail to provide a range of driving positions across different locations. Here we will explore Royal Mail’s various driving jobs available at ADR Network.

These positions offer an excellent chance to join the Royal Mail team and contribute to their efficient postal and courier operations.

Note: if you can’t find the driving work you desire, please send us your enquiry via our website contact form, and we will contact you for the latest HGV driving opportunities.

1. Class 1 HGV Driver Jobs at Royal Mail in Warrington:

Royal Mail’s Warrington depot seeks experienced Class 1 HGV drivers to transport mail, parcels, and packages across various routes. With excellent rates of pay and various shift patterns available, this role offers competitive compensation and flexibility. As a Class 1 HGV driver in Warrington, you’ll play a pivotal role in ensuring the timely and secure delivery of mail while upholding Royal Mail’s commitment to exceptional service.

Click To See – HGV Class 1 Driver Jobs at Royal Mail in Warrington.

2. 7.5t Driver Jobs at Royal Mail in Warrington:

If you prefer operating smaller vehicles, Royal Mail in Warrington offers 7.5t driver jobs that involve delivering mail and parcels within designated areas. As a 7.5t driver, you’ll navigate local routes, interact with customers, and contribute to the efficient last-mile delivery process. With the support of ADR Network, you can secure a fulfilling role that combines driving skills with excellent customer service.

Click To See ADR Network – 7.5t Driver Jobs at Royal Mail in Warrington

3. Class 1 HGV Driver Jobs at Royal Mail in Newcastle:

Royal Mail’s Newcastle depot presents exciting opportunities for Class 1 HGV drivers who are seeking to join their team. With a focus on long-haul deliveries and trunking operations, this role requires experienced drivers who can handle larger loads and extended journeys. By becoming a Class 1 HGV driver in Newcastle, you’ll become an integral part of Royal Mail’s nationwide delivery network.

Click To See ADR Network – Class 1 HGV Driver Jobs at Royal Mail in Newcastle.

4. HGV Driver Class 1 job at Royal Mail in Normanton:

Royal Mail’s Normanton depot seeks skilled Class 1 HGV drivers to contribute to their operations. Operating within the Yorkshire region, this role involves delivering mail and parcels efficiently and adhering to Royal Mail’s high standards of service. As a Class 1 HGV driver in Normanton, you’ll enjoy competitive remuneration and the opportunity to work for a respected organisation in the logistics industry.

Click To See ADR Network – Class 1 HGV Driver Jobs at Royal Mail in Normanton.

What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up With ADR Network Today!

If you’re looking for the latest driving opportunities with Royal Mail, signing up with ADR Network can open doors to a range of positions across different locations. Whether you’re an experienced Class 1 HGV driver or prefer operating smaller7.5t vehicles, Royal Mail has driving roles to suit various skill sets and preferences.

By joining the ADR Network, we can help you become part of an organisation that plays a vital role in connecting communities and delivering mail and parcels across the United Kingdom. Take the next step in your driving career and explore the exciting driving jobs available at ADR Network today.

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